22 July 2010

Dear John.... you are an idiot.

Ok so who else didn't like the ending to Dear John???

I have been wanting to see it ever since it came out because I like romantic love stories, ... but the ending was just crap and I was left feeling a bit empty!

Obviously if you were in that situation things would be different... BUT I would like to think that I would wait!
1. He's a great guy!
2. He has a smokin' hot bod!
3. He wears a uniform!
4. He has a smokin' hot bod!

Hahahaha! Hmmmm ....

But yeah, I kinda thought the ending didn't fit and it didnt feel right ... yes, it was good that the boy now has someone who cares about him and loves him, but why marry that old guy??? I felt so sad for John. However John doesn't make smart decisions either ... why oh why did he go back to serve after he already promised to come home after a year?! :(

Anyway ... perhaps I am just a dreamer, but some people are worth the wait :)

15 July 2010

V for Vanuatu

Well the unofficial countdown has begun! There are exactly 130 days until my friends and I leave our home in Queensland to take on the fishing adventure of a life time :)

Yep, Vanuatu here we come.

Many of you are unfamiliar with Vanuatu so I guess I should explain a little ...

Vanuatu is an Island nation located in the South Pacific ocean. The archipelago, which is of volcanic origin, is some 1,750Km east of Northern Australia, 500Km north east of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south east of the Solomon Islands.

We will be staying in my friend's house situated on the shores of Port Villa, its capital.

Our main activity during the adventure is ofcourse fishing. I can't wait to fish beside an active volcano for fish as big as 2m long!

My fish wish list includes- Mahi Mahi, Giant Trevally, Marlin, Wahoo, Yellow fin Tuna, Swordfish and Sail fish :D

Yep, I want some trophy fish!

I am also very excited about going site seeing and visiting all the locals. I hear they are very friendly.

So we leave on the 22nd November.

Prayers would be appreciated because it will be Jasmina's first flight and she is kind of nervous, prayers that none of us get sea sick, that we will catch heaps of fish, have a great time and come home again safe and sound. Oh and that the volcano will stay dormant and that we won't be affected by any tidal waves or earthquakes :) Haha ... time for my faith to kick in !

Until next time .... :)

31 March 2010

Singing Praises

I came home from work last night at around 10:30pm. Usually I end up watching some crappy late night television to get me ready for bed, but last night I felt like singing.
So I tip toed across the hall, opened the study door ever so gently and grabbed a hymnal and a campfire song booklet.
I sat down on the floor in our loungeroom and had an amazing experience!
I began with the campfire song booklet and went from start to finish. I haven't sung some of those wonderful songs in years. The poor old covers were faded and well worn. It made me remember back to the times when I was little. So many cherished memories of when I was a child, singing at the church reunions and youth camps .... back in the good old days when everyone got along. Oh how I long for those times!
I can still imagine us all sitting on picnic blankets up at Mt. Glorious, infront of a raging camp fire, all rugged up, singing our hearts out.
Some of my all time favourites would have to be-
Rejoice in the Lord and King of Kings .... because I loved how we would split into two groups and sing the different verses together..... It made me sad when I was singing them though, because now all I have is the alternate verse being played and remembered in my mind, instead of singing along with me as I sing.
Swing Low Sweet Chariot.... because it reminded me of when Uncle Peter would get up and do the actions for it.... and then make us do them aswell when we sped up the pace! I was never fast enough, but it was so much fun watching everyone else attempt it!
Give me oil in my lamp.... because it gives me hope for when Jesus comes again and reminds me that we should be more diligent in seeking Him through all of our actions and become closer to Him by reading our scriptures. What a precious gift we have that we so often take for granted!
This is a Family..... no explanation needed. I really felt apart of a big church family whenever we sung this one at reunions and camps. You always came away from them feeling closer to people then when you came. A real christian love.
John Jacob.... who didn't like this one when they were a kid! And who kept it up for a few more verses after it went silent ..... me !!
We are one in the Spirit.... this one will always be close to my heart. Why? Because when I was a little girl my dad and I sung this one at church. It was the first time I had got up infront of everyone and I was nervous about being up in front of the congregation so dad led me to the middle of all of the chairs where they were sitting, bent down to be closer to my height, held my hand and we sung it. It has always been a favourite of mine and whenever I sing it I remember back to that day. I sung all the verses with no mistakes. I still love singing it with my dad in the car.
For those tears I died..... when I was younger and didn't know very much I would dread this song as to me it went for sooo looooong .... but now I get a tear in my eye just singing it because I sing it with meaning and take in every word.
Seek Ye First and It only takes a Spark..... page 13 in the booklet ! Two of my favourites also. Why? Because they make me happy when I sing them!
He Picked me up..... another childhood favourite. I loved singing this song super duper fast! It was always a competition who could sing it the fastest without making mistakes.
By the time I sung them all the way through it was around 11:30pm so I decided to go to bed instead of start singing from the hymn book.... maybe that can be my thing tonight ;)
I hope my first blog didn't bore anyone .... :)