22 July 2010

Dear John.... you are an idiot.

Ok so who else didn't like the ending to Dear John???

I have been wanting to see it ever since it came out because I like romantic love stories, ... but the ending was just crap and I was left feeling a bit empty!

Obviously if you were in that situation things would be different... BUT I would like to think that I would wait!
1. He's a great guy!
2. He has a smokin' hot bod!
3. He wears a uniform!
4. He has a smokin' hot bod!

Hahahaha! Hmmmm ....

But yeah, I kinda thought the ending didn't fit and it didnt feel right ... yes, it was good that the boy now has someone who cares about him and loves him, but why marry that old guy??? I felt so sad for John. However John doesn't make smart decisions either ... why oh why did he go back to serve after he already promised to come home after a year?! :(

Anyway ... perhaps I am just a dreamer, but some people are worth the wait :)


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds like one I will avoid.;)

  2. Oh, I am sorry if I have made it sound like a bad movie. Apart from the ending it was still good to watch and my mum and dad liked the ending.... so maybe its just me :P